eric uys

Macfarlane Dragon #1

Just a quick little dragon clip.

Skyler Minicam

Just bought myself this wonderful little steadycam type rig. Just wished it was easier to setup and not so sensitive. Smallest of adjustments required. Also, it could do with a handle that is further away from the central shaft. Have a look at my first impression review here.

Captain America

I’ve been wanting to start a regular stop motion image gallery for a while. So this is the first one. Hope to be adding some more over the coming months and hopefully years.

Helen of RAW

Sometimes you find interesting images in your archive. I’ve been going through my massive archive of images over the past year and now and again you find an image from the past that surprises. Like these pics. I did a test for a friend and it was one of my first shoots with my Nikon D3. Back then I was still shooting straight to JPEG. Strange how that is absolutely not an option anymore for me. These were shot in January of 2009. That’s almost 4 years ago.

The RAW technology was definately there in 2009 but the only thing that was severely lacking was decent RAW processing. Lightroom is so advanced an powerful that you would not dream of shooting in anything other than RAW but back then, man I remember how I used to test program after program and I pixel peeped my eyes out and I just never found anything that was satisfying enough. Lightroom was around back then but it was not nearly as powerful as it is today, when version came out in 2010 they finally cracked the RAW code. I had been using LR since the first pre version 1 beta testers were out, it just never had any RAW power, until 2010 that is.

It’s also definately amazing to be able to go back to old files and just re-edit them. The last couple of months I have been honing my photoshop skills some more. Now I do consider myself to be a master photoshop expert as I have been using it since 1996. That was before photoshop had layer capabilities! Actually while I did my course photoshop released a new version and they just introduced layers so it was very alien and we could not fully comprehend what the hell a layer is!

Creative Industrialization

We as creatives are entering a “Dark Age” of “creative industrialization”. Just as with the previous industrialization, thousands lost hope and jobs so too it will happen in our lifetime. Creativity will certainly not die out, it will thrive but earning a living from being creative will die out. We must find new ways to deal with things. Just as many craftsmen back then lost their livelihood through technology so it is happening right now. We are no longer just photographers, we are also web designers, photo editors, retouch specialists, marketing guru’s, social media experts, writers, income tax consultants, trend consultants, print experts etc. We are no longer just musicians, we are also, record producers, marketers, publishers, sound engineers, designers, composers, publicists, writers etc

We stand at the precipice of a dark new world, the undiscovered country lies at our feet as the profession of being a creative is slowly eroding away into a sludge of digital noise ending up on the shores of proverbial beach made up of billions of gigapixel images. Mediocrity will rule the day and the true craftsmanship of being a master will be replaced with a degree from The University of Youtube.

Watch this movie: (actually best to right click on the vimeo logo and watch in a higher resolution on vimeo) or download from their website here