First things first. my site’s theme is dark because it uses less energy to power your monitor than a white screen, so feel good about yourself while browsing my site as you are helping the environment!

I love photography, I love being creative and working within a team of other creatives and making beautiful pictures, pictures that tell a story or makes you think about the deeper truths about our existence. That’s why this is my profession.

Currently I have worked with many local and also international clients over the past 10 years. Finesse, Soul, One small seed magazine, Sarie, FHM, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Errol Arendz Couture, KFM 94.5, Cape Town Opera, The Springbok Nude Girls, Chris Chameleon, eTV broadcasting to name a few and hundreds of private clients have all been inspired by my work. I am also a Brand Ambassador for Profoto South Africa and for Nikon South Africa.