Little test from yesterday

Michane was here for a brief period before jetting off to some other overseas location for modelling. Basically organized it in the morning, set it up, went to the beach and shot it in 40minutes before sunset. It was very very cold, brave Michane! She said I looked like a deep seas diver, should have taken a picture 🙂 More to follow soon.

Remember that thing called Film?

I often wonder how many working photographers shooting today cut their teeth on film? How many went through rolls and rolls of film before what you shot actually looked like it was on the day and before you knew what you were doing. Today it’s too easy, you press a button and immediately you get feedback as to how your end product will look like. With film you had to be a master, you had to know which film stock to use for a certain look and feel, what worked in bright sun, what worked best in shade, what worked best in studio, which film you had to push and which film you had to pull (if you don’t know what that means then you probably never shot film before).

I still have around 500 rolls of film in my library, lying somewhere. The perfect raw original backup, using no power, with an incredible shelf life. Here we have a film scan. ISO200 Fuji film scanned at a hi-resolution. 3772×5654 to be exact.

And here we have a 100% of that scan. The film grain is very visible with a pleasing look and feel.

Now we have a similarly crop, shot on a D3 at ISO 200.

and the 100% from that shot here.

and finally we have an interesting story, coming full circle back to film. This one was shot at ISO500 on a D3, now there isn’t really much noise at that ISO but I wanted it to feel like film so I added noise in the shot.

and the 100% crop of Simone de Kock (who was the winner of the sports illustrated new model search winner this year, entry photos and video shot by me) with the added grain clearly visible, coming full circle to film, how strange this journey has been.

Outlook image signature

I found out today that if you want images or signatures with an image to appear correctly in Outlook, the image file’s dpi size must be 96dpi, or else Outlook will automatically try to stretch or shrink it to fit. Nowhere in the documentation does it state that nor is there any override. Thanks Microsuck!

See related article explaining in detail – really long article explaining microsoft’s design flaws

Corporate Portraits

So you were asking if I do corporate portraits? Yes I do. I have several clients and everyone has different needs. Friendly professionalism is one standard key aspect that needs to be conveyed, no matter what the business is, people want to believe that you are confident, professional and approachable. Knowing how busy people are is crucial to getting the right portrait done. I have had less than 10 minutes at times to deliver a top notch portrait but years of experience has made that process very comfortable for me. I’ve also had to shoot different executives at different times and sometimes months apart from each other and still deliver a product that looks as if they were shot on the same day.

Check out more examples after the link.

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Portrait pricing

I found this great article written by my friend Greg on his blog, do yourself a favor and read it through as it is quite amusing and enlightening for those that might not have a clue. How effing much for a portrait?

If youre not into portraits maybe a shot of your lower limbs might do the trick?