Aluminium flask

Here is spinning flask I found in my kitchen. Must have been the steam or something..

Corporate Portraits

So you were asking if I do corporate portraits? Yes I do. I have several clients and everyone has different needs. Friendly professionalism is one standard key aspect that needs to be conveyed, no matter what the business is, people want to believe that you are confident, professional and approachable. Knowing how busy people are is crucial to getting the right portrait done. I have had less than 10 minutes at times to deliver a top notch portrait but years of experience has made that process very comfortable for me. I’ve also had to shoot different executives at different times and sometimes months apart from each other and still deliver a product that looks as if they were shot on the same day.

Check out more examples after the link.

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Animated Yolanda

Shot this sequence during a test earlier this year. My previous site could not host such a picture so hopefully this one can!